Workshop: Ecology of Northern Fjords

UiT The Arctic University of Norway will host an international workshop titled, ‘Ecology of Northern Fjords’ from 25-27 November in Auditorium 3 of the Teorifagbygget on the UiT campus. Forty-two presentations (33 oral, 9 posters) will be presented under the following themes: Hydrophysics, plankton and vertical fluxes,” “Invasive species, herring and top-predators,” “Geology of fjords,” “Benthos and food-web interactions,” and “Effects of fishery, other anthropogenic effects and fjord management.” Presentations by researchers from 15 institutes in 7 nations will detail work performed in fjords of Greenland, Iceland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Svalbard.

Although meals are provided for registered participants only, all are welcome to attend the presentations.

Partial funding for the workshop is provided from an Incentive grant from the Fram Centre.



Program for the Workshop on Ecology of northern fjords 4Nov (002).pdf