Projects “Hazardous substances” 2015

Flagship leader: Eldbjørg Heimstad, NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Resaearch,


Climate change impact and new contaminants

Climate mediated increases in organic matter export to arctic coastal waters    

Project leader: Amanda Poste¸

Participating institutions: NIVA, ApN, NPI, UoT, UoO, EC, SALT           


TraPha- Transformation properties and environmental risk-pharmaceuticals       

Roland Kallenborn,          

NMBU, UNIS, UoT, NILU, NPI, ApN, SRCES RAS                     


Influence of pollution and climate variation in rivers and coastal waters indicated by freshwater and marine bivalves (Kolarctic)                   

Project leader:Michael Carroll¸        

Participating institutions: ApN, Bioforsk, NINA, BC, NHS, UoJ, LCED, TECABN, INEP                  


Cyclic volatile methyl siloxanes (cVMS) – A case study of Storvatn, Hammerfest          

Project leader: Nicholas Warner,        ‘

Participating institutions: NILU, ApN, UoL           


Uptake and trophic magnification of organophosphorus flame retardants in Arctic lake ecosystems

Project leader: Anita Evenset,          

Participating institutions: ApN, NIVA, NPI, NILU, UoT      


Environmental contaminants in a multi-stress perspective


Multi-stress relationships in seabird populations: Interactions between natural stressors and environmental contaminants   

Project leader: Jan O. Bustnes, 

Participating institutions: NINA, NPI, NVH, ApN, NILU, NTNU, CEBC       


Effects of contaminant exposure on energetics

Heli Routti,          

Participating institutions: NPI, NILU, UoT, NVH, SINTEF, UoB, UoAa       


Impacts of environmental contaminants and natural stressors on northern raptors                     

Project leader: Jan O. Bustnes,

Participating institutions: NINA, NILU, UoT, UoA 


Microplastics in arctic marine food chains; biological uptake pathways and socio-economic consequences      

Project leaders: Dorte Herzke, Claudia Halsband,

Participating institutions: ApN, NIVA, NILU, NINA, NORUT, NPI, UNIS, UoT, SALT, TM    


Is the Arctic charr population in Lake Ellasjøen, Bjørnøya, affected by chronic exposure to contaminants?                   

Project leader: Anita Evenset,

Participating institutions: ApN, NIVA, NILU, UoT, CRRLU, UoW               


Effect of pollution on survival of a top predator: A case study integrating ecotoxicology climatology and demography (TOXICLIM)      

Kjell E. Erikstad,

Participating institutions: NINA, UoT, BS, UoR    


Pollution from petroleum activities and shipping in the north – Effects on Arctic ecosystems and communities             


Characterization of new biomarkers of endocrine disruption in Chlamys Islandica: From natural seasonal baseline levels to their sensitivity towards oil related compounds        

Project leader: Perrine Geraudie,

Participating institutions: ApN, NILU, IDAEA-CSIC          


Epigenetic effects of oil pollutants in polar cod

Project leader: Øivind Andersen, 

Participating institutions: Nofima, ApN   


Trophic transfer and genotoxicity of PAHs, their alkylated homologues and metabolites along Arctic and sub-arctic marine food chains      

Maria Granberg,

Participating institutions: NPI, ApN, NINA, UoT, NTNU, UoCo      


Human health effects, risk analysis & communication


Contaminants, food and health security in border region          

Project leader: Eldbjørg Heimstad,          

Participating institutions: NILU, NORUT, UoT, ApN, NRPA, FMFI, UoOu, NEI, FMI, NPC, MCBR, INEP -RAS        



ApN: Akvaplan-niva Inc.; AU: Aarhus University; AWI: Alfred Wegener Institute; BC: Bates College; BedIn: Bedford Institute; Bioforsk: Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research; BOS: Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science; BS: The Bjerknes Centre; CEBC: Centre d`Etudes Biologiques de Chizé; Cedre: Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution; CRRL: Control/Robotics Research Laboratory (NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering); CRRLU: Columbia River Research Laboratory USA; CU: Clemson University; DTU: Technical University of Denmark; DU: Dalhousie University; EC: Environment Canada; FMFI: County governor of Finnmark; FMI: Finnish Meteorological Institute; FNI: Fridtjof Nansen Institue; FOC: Fisheries and Oceans Canada; FSU: Florida State University; JAMSTEC: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology; IDAEA-CSIC: Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research – Spanish Council for Scientific Research; IMR: Institute of Marine Research; INEP – RAS: Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems – Russian Academy of Sciences; IOPAS: Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences; LCED: Lapland Centre for Economic Development; MarinTek: The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute; MCBR: Murmansk Country Birth Registry; MET: The Norwegian Meteorological Institute; MU: Massey University; NEI: Northern and environmental issues; NFLI: The Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, NGU: Geological Survey of Norway; NHS: Natural Heritage Services; NINA: Norwegian Institute for Nature Research; NIKU: The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research; NILU: Norwegian Institute for Air Research; NIVA: Norwegian Institute for Water Research; NMBU: Norwegian University of Life Sciences; Nofima: The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research; NORUT: Northern Research Institute; NPC: The Northwest Public Health Researcher Center; NPI: Norwegian Polar Institute; NRPA: Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority; NULS: Norwegian University of Life Sciences; NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology; NVH: Norwegian School of Veterinary Science; PINRO: Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography; RU: Ryerson University; SINTEF: The Company for Industrial and Technological Research; SIO: Scripps Institution of Oceanography; SRCES RAS: Scientific Research Center for Ecological Safety – Russian Academy of Sciences; TECABN: Transport and the Environment County Administrative Board of Norrbotten; TM: Tromsø Municipality; TO: Troms Offshore; TRFM: Tana River Fisheries Management; UAF: University of Alaska; UB: University of Burgundy; UCL: University College of London; UoA: University of Antwerpen; UoAa: University of Aalborg; UoB: University of Bergen; UoC: University of California; UoCo: University of Copenhagen; UNIS: The University Centre in Svalbard; UoG: University of Gent; UoGo: University of Gothenburg; UoH: University of Hokkaido; UoJ: University of Jyväskylä; UoL: University of Leicester; UoLa: University of Laval; UoO: University of Oslo; UoOu: University of Oulu; UoM: University of Maine; UoNB: University of New Brunswick; UoQ: University of Queensland; UoR: University of Reading; UoS: University of Southampton: UoT: University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway; UoWa: University of Waterloo; UQAR: Université du Québec à Rimouski; UR: University of Reading; UT: University of Texas; UTu: University of Turku; WHOI: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution