Arctic Frontiers 2016 – Science section: Call for papers


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Framsenteret er partner i nordområdekonferansen Arctic Frontiers. Konferansen arrangeres årlig i januar i Tromsø og tiltrekker seg 1400 delegater fra over 30 land og den dekkes av om lag 130 journalister . Arctic Frontiers går over en uke.

Mandag og tirsdag Arctic Frontiers Policy, tirsdag og onsdag Arctic Frontiers Business mens Arctic Frontiers Science finner sted onsdag til fredag i Arctic Frontiers uken.

Dato for neste års konferanse er 24. – 29. januar.

Call for papers for Arctic Frontiers Science er nå ute. Hovedtema her er: “Environmental Footprints”, “Arctic Stewardship” og “Technology Needs”. Frist for sende inn abstracts er 21. september. 

2016: Industry and Environment 

The 10th Arctic Frontiers conference will be arranged in Tromsø, Norway from Sunday 24 January to Friday 29 January 2016. The title for the 2016 conference is Industry and Environment.

The science section will address three main themes:

I. Environmental footprints, lead by Thorbjørn Larsen, Research Director, the Norwegian Institute of Water Research, NIVA

II.        Arctic stewardship, lead by Tore Henriksen, Professor, K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea, Faculty of Law, University of Tromsø.

III.        Technology needs, lead by Harald Ellingsen, Professor, Head of the Department of Marine Technology, the Norwegian University for Science and Technology, NTNU.

call for papers is now open and on behalf of the Scientific Program Committees, we will have great pleasure in inviting you to submit one or more abstracts (for oral or poster presentation) to any of the three parts. All abstracts will be reviewed by members of the three scientific committees for rating of abstract quality and presentation content. 

This call for papers addresses only the science section that takes place from 27 January to 29 January 2016.