8th International Charr symposium


The 8th International Charr Symposium will be held in Tromsø in June 2015. This is a conference aiming to gather scientists, students and management with a special interest in the circumpolar Salvelinus genus (charr fishes).


The charrs play an important role in the fields of ecology and evolution, and are also of great conservation interest as they are imperilled by climate change, biological invasions and habitat modifications. Charrs are also of commercial interest for sport fishing, tourism and aquaculture, and are important for subsistence fishery by indigenous communities. It is therefore of vital importance to arrange a meeting place where people carrying knowledge and/or investigation plans involving charrs can get in touch and exchange their knowledge and ideas, as well as create new research collaborations.

A key element of the symposium is to recruit and encourage young scientists from all around the Northern hemisphere into charr research and provide them with an opportunity to be invited speakers, give oral presentations and/or poster presentations, establish collaborating networks and to publish their results in a well-reputed journal.

The CHARR-2015 will be organized with theme sessions introduced by a lecture from an invited keynote speaker, followed by research presentations selected through abstract submissions to a scientific board. In addition, there will be a poster session for presentation and discussion of scientific studies as well as other work. We also aim to arrange public lectures for a broader, non-scientific audience that will be promoted through regular media such as newspapers. Conference proceedings will be published in Hydrobiologia (impact factor 2.0).

The conference will be organized around these themes:

·         Climate change and ecotoxicology

·         Ecology, life history, parasitology and food web

·         Evolution and genetics

·         Aquaculture

·         Fisheries, tourism and management

Being the 8th conference in the series, we build on a long tradition of establishing and disseminating international research of high quality. The charr symposia have good traditions as a friendly gathering of active established and young promising scientist and students. The topics of the symposium have traditionally been multidisciplinary, gathering researchers that produce quality science from a broad range of themes. The charr symposium series has long traditions from its start in 1981 in Winnipeg (Canada) and has since then been arranged all around the northern hemisphere including Japan (Sapporo), Norway (Trondheim), Canada (Trois-Rivières), Iceland (Reykjavik), Scotland (Stirling), Russia (Sakhalin), and now in Tromsø at 69°N in northern Norway.

This is the first time the symposium is arranged north of the polar circle, and it will be held during June, i.e. at the time when the midnight sun is at the brightest. Both Arctic charr (S. alpinus) and charr research thrive in this area, setting the symposium in a great context. The arrangement of CHARR-2015 represents a broad national cooperation between six Norwegian research institutions with research offices in Tromsø, see the institutional list below.


Institutional members of the organizing committee:

Akvaplan-NIVA (http://www.akvaplan.niva.no/en)

Bioforsk (www.bioforsk.no)

IMR – Institute for Marine Research (www.imr.no)

NINA – the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (www.nina.no)

NOFIMA (nofima.no”>www.nofima.no)

The Arctic University of Norway (www.uit.no)