Join us in Washington

The Fram Centre participates at the ACES conference in Washington DC December 8th-12th 2014 at Crystal Gateway Mariott Hotel, Arlington, VA.

Join us for the workshop:

  • Ecosystem services, Climate Change and The Arctic Environment on Monday December 8th 2014 at 8AM-1130AM
  • for the sessions focusing on the Arctic on Tuesday December 9th 2014, whith the Fram Centre speakers

Session 1E: Arctic Ecosystem Services and Climate Change
• Professor Claire Armstrong, University of Tromsø on “Arctic Marine Ecosystem Services and Values”.
• Professor Rolf Anker Ims, University of Tromsø on “Ecosystem Services Provided by Terrestrial Habiats”.
• International Director Kim Holmén, Norwegian Polar Institute on “Climate Change in Svalbard”.

Session 2E: Arctic Ecosystems Services : Policy and Adaptive Decision- Making
• Senior researcher Per Fauchald, Norwegian Institute of Nature Research on “Changes in Ecosystem Flows Given Climate Change”.
• Associate Professor Vera Hausner, University of Tromsø on “How does Governance and Sosioeconomic Conditions influence Spatial Use and Priorities of Local People in the Arctic”.
• Lionel Camus, Akvaplan-niva along with Jack Word on “Oil Spill Response and Planning in the Arctic: Adaptive Management of Ecosystem Services”.


Workshop and session organizers are: Joseph Nicolette, ENVIRON, Lionel Camus, Akvaplan-niva and Nina Mari Jørgensen,
Norwegian Polar institute,